The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust of Ngamba Island. It is 23 km located at offshore of Lake Victoria from Entebbe Uganda. Ngamba Island is almost 100 acres in size and hosts over 50 different types of vegetation that Chimps eat in addition to the supplementary feeding provided by the sanctuary. The island is a safe home for rescued orphaned chimpanzees. It’s in record that chimpanzees are closest relatives sharing about 98.5% of man’s DNA.These chimpanzees are released every morning from the holding facility to explore their environment foraging for food in the forest.

The feeding is supplemented daily with fruits and vegetables. While feeding, visitors are invited to get involved in this activity and also do photography where you’re asked to stand at the viewing platforms and give food to the Chimpanzees. After early breakfast ultimate wild safaris guide will transfer you to Entebbe Pier where you will take a boat. The speed boat will take about 45 minutes to the island. On arrival, you’ll be given an orientation talk at the reception. Thereafter you’ll be guided to the viewing platform to see and visit the Chimpanzees during their supplementary feeding times by your guide. These close man’s relative come out from the forest at the designated feeding times. They are sensitive to the feeding times you’ll witness them coming close to the fence for feeding.In case the care taker takes long to bring the fruits and vegetable, chimps start making noise though as a reminder of feeding time. After the activity, you’ll go on exploring the island with guidance from our staff, thereafter you’ll be transferred back to Entebbe or Kampala. On this one day, kindly don’t forget to carry your camera and pack it in a water proof polythene bag because there is a high chance of water contact while on this trip. If you are keen on you’ll spot out some birds, so you’re advised to carry your binoculars for better birdwatching. This Ngamba island safari tour can either be half/full day or even visit Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (zoo) for birding watching and other primates. In case for an overnight this can be organized upon request for the same. You can also spend more than one basing on your interest such as volunteering or research.
NOTE: you can have this Ngamba Island tour while on your Uganda Wildlife safari tour or Gorilla trekking safari tour
Our standard mode of transport is by road and we use 4×4 Safari Vans customized for game viewing and photography. Each safari van comes with a professionally trained driver guide and fuel for the whole safari. Our Safari vans have viewing hatches and each client is entitled to a window seat. Our Vans can take up to eight people. We also have 4×4 Super Customs very comfortable and stable on the road. These carry up to 5 people with their luggage. We also have 4×4 RAV 4 for a group of two people
We have luxury latest Land cruisers each driven by professionally trained driver guides and fuel. They have pop up roofs for proper game viewing and photography. They come with a small fridge for cooling your drinking water while on safari (which is always included while IN THE VEHICLE). They have inverters for charging small gadgets such as your smart phones and cameras. They can seat five to a maximum of seven people and each client is guaranteed of a window seat.

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