An Equator is an imaginary line that goes around the planet in the middle and other outer space bodies. It subdivides the planet into two, the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. That is how the North Pole and the South Pole come about with the 0 degrees’ latitude. Early morning around 7am East African time Ultimate wild safaris guide, will transfer you from Kampala for drive to Uganda equator along the Mpigi Masaka highway, a route that will take you to destination. Your safari tour will set off through Mpigi district to your final destination at Kayabwe the place where equator crosses Uganda. The drive to Kayabwe is around 2 hours from Kampala City, on your arrival, you will be welcomed warmly by our guide who will elaborate how and why the equator is truly crossing through there.


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Our guide will help you observe where the 0 degrees’ latitude crosses, point out the southern hemisphere and also the northern hemisphere. With the help of the magnetic field tools such as water, he will show you that in the Northern pole, the water will sink out through the hole in the clockwise angle. However, in the southern pole, the water will sink down the hole in a counter-clockwise as caused by the magnetic fields. The experience is finished off with the water sinking at the 0 degrees’ latitude straight down, proving that that is the imaginary line that crosses the whole world. This is as simple as it sounds but the experience is in a way mind blowing as you see with proving how the water is sucked down in all different directions.
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Because of the equator, your guide will tell you that on 21st March and on the 23rd September at midday at the imaginary line it would be hard to see your shadow because you will be light. So should you have a day at the equator on either of the two dates, be sure to be blown away. This place has a number of African craft shops with interesting items that can be bought as souvenirs for your good ones.Thereafter, you’ll have your lunch and maybe continue relaxing a bit and then head back to Kampala hence call it end of your ultimate equator safari tours or you call even have Kampala city.
NOTE: you can have this Equator tour while on your Uganda Wildlife safari tour or Gorilla trekking safari tour
Our standard mode of transport is by road and we use 4×4 Safari Vans customized for game viewing and photography. Each safari van comes with a professionally trained driver guide and fuel for the whole safari. Our Safari vans have viewing hatches and each client is entitled to a window seat. Our Vans can take up to eight people. We also have 4×4 Super Customs very comfortable and stable on the road. These carry up to 5 people with their luggage. We also have 4×4 RAV 4 for a group of two people
We have luxury latest Land cruisers each driven by professionally trained driver guides and fuel. They have pop up roofs for proper game viewing and photography. They come with a small fridge for cooling your drinking water while on safari (which is always included while IN THE VEHICLE). They have inverters for charging small gadgets such as your smart phones and cameras. They can seat five to a maximum of seven people and each client is guaranteed of a window seat.

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