Idi Amin Torture Chamber Tour, Kampala City, Uganda - A Horror Tourist Site

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We are fit to answer all your questions like;

1.Where is it found?

2. How many people were killed and why?

3. Why it has won many tourist hearts?

In the city that was an ideal habitat for impala and other members of the antelope family that used to graze on the slopes of the hills that gave birth to the popular city's name - Kampala, Uganda’s capital is where Idi Amin torture chamber is found.

Idi Amin Torture Chamber was built in 1971 by the self-awarded president, AL haji, Diso, field marshal Idi Amin Dada with the help of Israelite architects. The torture chamber is situated in Lubiri Mengo the Palace of the king of Buganda Kingdom.

The primary purpose of constructing this building this Idi Amin Torture Chamber was to act as an armory for weapons/safe custody for his gun power. It worked in that capacity for only a year and later in 1972 he turned the building into a torture chamber for those that were against his government.

The dark torture chamber has five cells that are scary as a yearning grave, Idi Amin’s operatives would first blindfold the victim and then drive him around the palace several times as a way of confusing him where he is and later entered into the chamber cells that were filled with electric water.

Over 600 men would be forced into an electrified cell room with no drinks, eats and it is believed that over 19000 people were killed. His target was allies of his opponent president Milton Obote that he accused of being interested in overthrowing his government, People with professions like doctors, lawyers, Teachers were his interest most.

This Idi Amin Torture Chamber was not only used by Idi Amin but when President Milton Obote took over power for the second time in 1980 he also used the same building to torture Idi Amin’s supporters as a way of making revenge and over 16000 were killed. On a surprising note; no woman was tortured /killed in this building.

About historical torture sites like; dark prison in the USA, Nyamata genocide in Rwanda, Idi Amin torture chamber in Uganda is second to none. Though there is no clear museum form of site interpretation, the appearance of the site speaks for its self with horror lasting memory that will stick with you after this tour.

As we talk now, Field Marshal Idi Amin and Milton Obote are no more and their activity too. You can only have this history on your Uganda safari tour. There is no more electrified water in the chamber and cement is also wearing out but the writings of the dead on the walls written by blood crying for help and those that lost their beloved ones are what you can see.

The site can be either visited while on your wildlife /gorilla trekking tour Kampala city tour on Boda/motorbike, Kampala city tour by car, or during your Kampala City Walk tour, Enquire Now