Bahai Temple


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Bahai Temple

It’s located at the hill of Kikaya after branching off from Gayaza road; Baha’i temple is the first of its stature in Africa. The place brags for its lush green environment in the whole of Kampala depicted in its extended grounds that form a perfect picnic ground.

This temple stretches allover 8.5 hectares of land in the out skirts of Kampala city, the foundation stone of the Baha’i temple was laid on 26 January1958 with the architectural guidance of Charles Mason Remey in close collaboration with Shonghi Effendi in design development. This existed after the arrival of the Baha’i faith in Uganda in 1951.

At the time of its establishment, the Baha’i temple was the highest structure in east Africa over 38 m tall. Its seating capacity is over 800 people on 515 Sq. of floor space. Like most of the faith in Uganda apart from Islam. The Baha’i temple functioning was disrupted by Idi Amin who banned the Baha’i faith from the country together with 26 other denominations and its activities stopped on 16 September 1977.

However, the building remained until it was later re-opened for worship after the overthrow of Idi Amin by the Ugandan exiles with the help of Tanzanian forces. The architectural design of the Baha’i temple blends with the landscape. The shape features the traditional African huts while its spreading eaves form a round porch on the lowermost outward level of the structure, ensuring its protection from periodical excesses of rains, winds, heat and dust prone to the area.