The Holy Gadhafi Mosque


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Old Kampala hill which rises gently to the immediate west of the city center less than five minutes’ walk from the new taxi park was the site of the original fort and capital founded by Captain Lugard in 1890. Enclosed with in the oval road of Old Kampala, the prominence is sprinkled with limited reasonable colonial era buildings of Asian design now generally rather run down though some have been outstandingly refurbished.

The Old Kampala area today is most distinguished as the focal point for Kampala’s Islamic Community and the sight of an imposing new mosque. This was initiated by President Idi Amin in the 1970s but the project stalled after the dictator’s overthrow and has only recently been completed funded by Libyan leader late Colonel Gadhafi hence originating the mosque name.

The structure lay dormant as an ugly concrete monolith with a lofty minaret overlooking the city of Kampala. In its back yard lied the old museum which is one of the Kampala’s oldest surviving buildings sadly being slowly dismantled by the grip of a stranger fig tree. When the work on the mosque restarted after a 25 year delay the building was demolished and a replica with the same vaguely Arcadian frontage erected at a more prominent location beside Old Kampala Road.

The ground work for the mosque began again in 2004 when the old unfinished establishment was smashed. The new mosque was formally opened and dedicated for worship in 2008 by the late Colonel Gaddafi himself in an event that was attended by several African heads of state. The popularity of Gaddafi National Mosque can be attributed to several factors with the first reason being the fame of late Colonel Gaddafi himself who left a landmark on international politics so whenever people both locals and foreigners hear that he did such a thing as constructing a National Mosque for Muslim community in Uganda, the travelers usually come to have a look at the second largest mosque in Africa.

The Mosque has interesting features that can attract both local and international tourists one of them are as ; It’s the Minaret or the prayer tower for Muslims.The mosque’s amazing interior that couldn’t miss to see. The mosque has a tower that can give you a clear view of Kampala city.