Makerere University


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Makerere University the highest institution of learning that dates back to 1922 as a technical college is one of the remarkable tours to undertake while in Kampala. The mighty University has gone through series of transformation from a humble technical school to the University of East Africa and to the current Makerere University boasting with its prizes as the mighty Ivory tower in the south of South Sahara, North of Limpompo, West of Indian Ocean and the East of Equatorial jungle rising above others as the epitome of knowledge, the summit of wisdom and the pinnacle of Intellectualism.

During the walk in the University, you are exposed to its first buildings, the current magnificent structures including the Main building, the range of monuments that have got historical and educational significance, the impressive flora and fauna, bird watching hiking to the hilltop offering impressive sceneries of Kampala city, visiting the biggest Library in the whole of East Africa and interacting with the students of this mighty tower.