Uganda Museum


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National Museum of Uganda is the oldest in East Africa and perhaps the best rooted in an ethnographic collection first exhibited in 1905 in a small Greek temple near Lugard fort on Hill of Old Kampala. The Museum was officially established in the year of 1908 and it was initially known by the local Baganda as Enyumba Ya Mayembe (House of fetishes) and its exhibits were believed to bestow supernatural powers on the colonial government.

The museum was shifted in 1954 to its present site on Kiira road. For those with an interest on pre-colonial African history, a lot of amazing exhibits on the Nakayima tree, Ntusi, BigobyaMugyenyi as well as other aspects of the history of Uganda. The more rewarding is magnificent collection of traditional musical instruments from all over the continent and the ethnographic gallery which houses a variety of exhibits relating to traditional Ugandan life styles. In the back yard there are vehicles of historic people and the huts of all traditional tribes of Uganda.