Buganda Palace


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Buganda Palace

This will introduce you to the king’s palace and Bulange parliament. You will either have a drive or a walk to the palace that was built in 1922 and went through series of changes including being turned into an Army barracks and a horrific torture chamber during the reign of President Idd Amin. Not forgetting the dark underground prison and torture section still exists in the palace up to today.

You have an encounter with an ancient traditional fire that has been burning since the inception of the Buganda Kingdom least the King is dead and the representation of various clans of Buganda each with its respective role in the Kingdom. Listening to the themed interpretation along with visual impressions is not only a leisure encounter but also a rich learning opportunity while in Uganda. Directly opposite the Lubiri palace gate is the gate for the Bulange Parliament where the King and his Ministers sit to deliberate the issues concerning the Kingdom of Buganda. Its magnificent architecture would definitely leave it a daring tour in this Kampala city.