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8 Days South Sudan Tour – Mundari and Nimule National park tour

 Juba, South Sudan
 12th Feb - 01st Jul


8 Days Nimule National Park Tour and Mundari Cattle Camp Tour

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This 8 Days South Sudan Tour – Mundari and Nimule National park tour takes to the Mundari community; one of South Sudan’s interesting tribes and not missing out on Nimule national park for wildlife.

Nimule National Park

Nimule National Park was established under British rule in 1954, and the park extends 540km2 along the border with Uganda, with wildlife moving freely back and forth, and straddles the White Nile River. It is probably the most easily accessible of South Sudan’s national parks, due to the proximity of public transport and also the fact that, unlike Boma, it can be reached even during the rainy season.

You will arrive at the Nimule National park offices when they open at 08.00 to get ahead of groups coming down from Juba, and also to maximize the time you have out and about before the day gets hot. At the offices, you need to buy your park permit, which can also be prepaid at the Ministry of Tourism in Juba, and also collect your ranger: having a guide is compulsory so that you do not get lost and stray into landmine areas.

"The beautiful Fola Falls, turbulent rivers, and huge elephant herds found within this national park make it an ideal spot for both adrenaline and animal lovers.'

The ranger will take you down to the river where you will have a local boat to take you across to Opekoloe Island. This is the best place to spot Nimule’s elephant herds, as well as hippos, crocodiles, and the abundant river birdlife. Disembarking from the boat and continuing on foot, the ranger, adept at spotting tracks and creatures slinking silently and largely camouflaged through the undergrowth, should also be able to point out zebra, bushbuck, warthogs, baboons, and Ugandan kob, as well as the occasional jackal, hyrax, vervet monkey or leopard. If you have time, ask your ranger to take you to the Fola Falls, an impressive, narrow passageway through which the White Nile flows. Daring fishermen cast their nets for catfish and other tasty treats, bravely running the gauntlet of crocodiles and hippos as they do so.

White-water rafting trips are the latest tourist addition in South Sudan, and rafting the White Nile in the Nimule National Park is an understandably popular weekend excursion for Juba ex-pats. African Rivers run regular trips during the dry season, collecting rafters on Friday at lunchtime from Juba and driving them down to Nimule in a customized truck. Rafters camp in the park that night, and then start out early the following morning with three sets of Grade 4+ rapids in quick succession (this is not a trip for the faint-hearted and you must be able to swim).

It’s an exhilarating start to the journey, and whilst the later rapids are less challenging, the adrenaline remains high, in no small part due to the fact that crocodiles and hippos shadow the raft-like hungry sentries for much of the time. Expect to finish each day soaked to the skin and utterly exhausted, but also falling in love with the wilderness and beauty of the place, and wondering how incredible South Sudan could be as a tourist destination one day if only politicians and wannabe politicians, both domestically and in neighboring states, would leave well alone.  kindly click here to Readmore about the Mundari!

Itinerary In Summary.

Day 1 - Arrival at south Sudan’s juba international airport

Day 2 - Transfer from Juba Capital city to telekeka the land od mundari

Day 3 - Explore Mundari villages

Day 4 - Early morning Exploring  Mundari villages and Transfer To Juba.

Day 5 - Transfer To Nimule National Park

Day 6 - Exploring Nimule National Park (Walking game viewing)

Day 7 - Nimule National Park Boat ride 

Day 8 - Departure


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Tour Overview


Jan 19 - Dec 25



Pickup Location

pickup avaiable from airport, train and also cruise



Car PickUp


Tour Guide



  • All meals during the safari, while in our mobile camp and bottled Water, Ice makers.
  • Individual tent with cot bed that has mattress, sheets, pillow (blankets or sleeping bags are not necessary)
  • Mobile enclosed showers, toilets, towels and body & hair shower soap.
  • All Park fees.and Photo permit
  • Introduction letter to get your visa.
  • Translators from the local tribal languages to English
  • Drivers/guides that are knowledgeable about the wildlife and tribes
  • Full mobile kitchen with chef and helper.
  • Game viewing (most game viewing will be from the 4x4 vehicles, however there may be some short distance walking to reach particular areas).
  • Visits to tribal villages for photography and purchasing artifacts.
  • 220 and 110 volt Power takes offs to charge camera batteries
  • Shaded dining area with camp chairs, tables and lanterns.
  • Rechargeable Lanterns
  • 4x4 vehicles from Juba airport to Juba airport. Most of the parks in South Sudan have no roads so we navigate by GPS when searching for wildlife.
  • Laundry as weather permits.
  • Armed Forest Rangers guides


  • Airfare to Juba (see our page on this subject in this web site -"Flying To South Sudan")
  • South Sudan Visa (see our page on this subject in this web site - "Visas, Entry Permits...")
  • Entry letter to Board the aircraft to Juba (see our page on this subject in this web site) (the entry letter is not necessary if you have a visa)
  • Any health expenses for illness or accident including malaria prevention, yellow fever inoculation, hospitalization, doctor consultations, emergency evacuation costs.
  • Check with your health insurance if you are covered while traveling, if not we recommend you obtain health insurance while you are in Southern Sudan.
  • Any costs for delays caused by airlines, weather, mud, political occurrences, lost luggage. (such as extra charges for: hotels, meals, taxis, airline fees to change tickets)
  • Any costs for rescheduling such as if you’re arriving in Juba early or departing later of the scheduled dates.
  • Hard liquor
  • Tips
  • Use of SAT phone in camp $4 usd per minute


Day 1
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 1- Arrival at south Sudan juba international airport.
    On your arrival, you will be guided by ultimate wild safaris to the Customs and Immigration in Juba for registration and finally relaxation at you hotel in juba.(Royal Palace Hotel)

Day 2
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 2- Transfer from Juba Capital city to telekeka the land of Mundari
    In the morning after breakfast, we drive to telekeka the area of Mundari people. The journey may take about 2 -3 hours depending on road conditions and rain. Have Lunch and then proceed.(Accommodation- Camping)

Day 3
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 3 - Explore the Mundari Cattle land
    Today you will spend the whole day exploring the Mundari cattle land, photographing the landscapes.

Day 4
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 4 -Early Morning Photography in Mundari camp and Transfer back To Juba.
    Today you will be your last day to encounter the Mundari cattle camp in the morning and then transfer to Juba capital city for relaxation at your hotel as you warm up to visit Nimule National Park, the following day.(Accommodation- Royal Palace Hotel)

Day 5
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 5 -Transfer To Nimule National Park.
    Today you will head to Nimule National Park from Juba capital City , a drive that will take over 5 hours
    Accommodation: Camping

Day 6
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 6 - Walking Game Viewing in Nimule National Park
    Have breakfast, there after head a game viewing tour with the park ranger , viewing the residents of nimule national park(Accommodation - Camping)

Day 7
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 7 - Nimule National Park Boatride.
    Today, you will have boat trip to island in the Nile River and search for aquatic animals.
    Accommodation: Mobile Camp. >

Day 8
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 8 - Departure
    Have Morning breakfast, Drive for 3 to 5 hours from Nimule National Park to Juba International Airport for departure, hence calling it end of south Sudan tour.