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3 Days Uganda Wildlife Tour - Kibale National Park |Kanyanchu Tourism Center| Amabere ga Nyina mwiru caves|Toro Crater Lakes

 Masindi, Uganda
 12th Feb - 01st Jul


3 Days Uganda Wildlife Tour - Kibale National Park (Kanyanchu Tourism Center and Amabere ga Nyina mwiru caves|3 Days Kibale National Park tour Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves | Uganda Primates Tours|3 Days Chimpanzee Trekking Safari – Kibale National Park|3 Days Kibale National Park Chimpanzee Trekking Safari|Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves | Kibale National Park| Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves, Toro Crater Lakes - Fort portal| Kanyanchu Tourism Center


Kibale is highest at the park’s northern tip, which stands 1,590m above sea level. The lowest point is 1,100m on the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley to the south. 351 tree species have been recorded in the park, some rise to over 55m, and are over 200 years old.

Kibale’s varied altitude supports different types of habitat, ranging from the wet tropical forest on the Fort Portal plateau to woodland and savanna on the rift valley floor. Kibale is one of Africa’s foremost research sites. While many researchers focus on the chimpanzees and other primates found in the park, others are investigating Kibale’s ecosystems, wild pigs, and fish species, among other topics.

Kibale National Park contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. Forest cover, interspersed with patches of grassland and swamp, dominates the northern and central parts of the park on an elevated plateau. Kibale is famously known for Chimpanzee tracking. The park is home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the chimpanzee. It also contains over 375 species of birds. Kibale adjoins Queen Elizabeth National Park to the south to create a 180km-long corridor for wildlife between Ishasha, the remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Sebitoli in the north of Kibale National Park.

The Kibale-Fort Portal area is one of Uganda’s most rewarding destinations to explore. The park lies close to the tranquil Ndali-Kasenda crater area and within half a day’s drive of Queen Elizabeth, the Rwenzori Mountains, and Semuliki National Parks, as well as the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

About Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves & Toro Crater Lakes

The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves are a historic site believed to be the birthplace of the founding King of the Bachwezi. Located 5km west of Fort portal, the main cave is small and supported by pillar-like formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Standing alongside are the moss-covered rocks behind a small waterfall. Lake Kigere is a Crater Lake located northeast of the caves and it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to hike there. The Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru meaning ‘Breasts of Nyinamwiru’ were named after the stalactites that form in the caves. They resemble the breasts of a woman, though some would say it looks more like a cow’s udder.

There are a total of more than three dozen crater lakes found in Toro scattered across 10 kilometers and they run through up to the western boundary of Kibale. The crater lakes area has fertile soils and is dominated by lush cultivation. Numerous species of birds, monkeys, butterflies, and vegetation can be found here. One of the most spectacular craters is Lake Kyaninga located north of Fort portal.

Why Visiting the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves & Toro Crater Lakes?

This Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves & Toro Crater Lakes is quite an interesting cultural tour because you will be guided through the history of the Bachwezi dynasty that lived here in the 14th Century. After that, you can go for a ‘real hike’ to see over 5 crater lakes. This hike can either be done in the morning or afternoon and takes between 3 – 5 hours. The Weather around the fort portal sometimes rainy so a certain level of fitness and appropriate dressing code would be very important. This tour is very interesting and informative to anyone coming to Fort portal, Uganda. It’s an optional activity that can be included on most Uganda  Itineraries 

Itinerary In Summary

Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Kibale National Park & Visit Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves & Toro Crater Lakes

Day 2: Tracking Chimpanzees and other primates at Kibale National Park:

Day 3: Transfer from Kibale national park to Kampala.




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January 01 - December 31



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Day 1
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Kibale National Park:
    Drive to Fort Portal, visit the Amabere G’ Nnyinamwiru caves, hiking Fort Portal Crater lakes, and transfer to Kibale Forest National Park for overnight. Early in the morning after breakfast at your hotel in Kampala or Entebbe, you’ll embark on the road to Fort Portal Area 300km about 5 – 6 hours’ drive.

    A drive that will take you through amazing scenic landscapes on smooth tarmac viewing the unique geographical features including the Mubende Inselbergs not forgetting the small towns en route like Mityana, Mgipi, Mubende, and Kyenjojo. You will have a stopover in Fort Portal town for lunch thereafter you’ll proceed to Fort Portal Crater Lakes.

    On your arrival, you will be welcomed by the local guide of the place with a deep understanding and history of the place. Tour the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves – the breast-like features believed to have belonged to Nyinamwiru the daughter of Bukuku who was a self-enthroned King of the Bachwezi.

    She was denied the opportunity to breastfeed her baby Ndahura as the father had been alerted that the child will take over his throne, the milk continues to flow out of Nyinamwiru’s breasts. After this encounter, you’ll proceed with hiking the Fort Portal Crater Lake field where you traverse the challenging slopes of Kyeganywa hill surrounded by a range of crater lakes and crater hollows presenting one of the beautiful scenic sites in Uganda.

    At the top of Kyeganywa hill, you’ll have a clear view of mountain Rwenzori. Retreat from the activity and transfer to Kibale National Park 26km from Fort Portal town for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

    Accommodation Category:
    (Papaya Lake Lodge - Luxury option)
    (Chimpanzee Guest Cottages - Midrange option)
    (Chimpanzee Guest House - Budget option)

Day 2
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 2: Tracking Chimpanzees and other primates at Kibale National Park:
    Early in the morning after breakfast, our driver will transfer you to Kanyanchu Tourism Center to catch up with briefing at 6 am and then head to the forest of Kibale on the Chimpanzee tracking, and primates.

    This will be a magical day in the forest exploring other forest wonders including the historical trees that are 55m tall and over 200 years old and the myriad of birds including the Kibale ground thrush that is endemic. You retreat from the activity head back to the lodge for relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

    Accommodation Category:
    (Papaya Lake Lodge - Luxury option)
    (Chimpanzee Guest Cottages - Midrange option)
    (Chimpanzee Guest House - Budget option)

Day 3
  • 08:00 AM

    Day 3: Transfer from Kibale national park to Kampala.
    Early in the morning after breakfast, you will embark on the road to Kampala 326 km about 7 hours’ drive. You will have a cycling encounter experience in Mpanga tea estates in the morning. The green tea plantation is spread over a beautiful undulating landscape with endless scenic views which makes it ideal to encounter on your mountain bikes.

    On your cycling, you encounter the estate staff plucking tea and you are free to participate in the exercise to gain the exact touch. Retreat from the activity and continue on the drive to Kampala.